About Us

About Tuango

At Tuango, our mission is to close the distance between fantastic local restaurants and local different neighborhoods. Through Tuango, our customers are able to enjoy a wider variety of carefully-curated, freshly-prepared and taste-tested dishes regardless of where they live. To accomplish our mission, everything starts with outstanding customer service. At Tuango’s core, we go above and beyond to ensure our customers and restaurant partners are well taken care of. That’s the reason why our customers and vendors choose Tuango to be their trusted service provider and partner.

Connecting food lovers to iconic local restaurants

Tuango members are more than just customers, they are a community for food lovers who genuinely want to support local restaurants during COVID-19. As members, you gain access to specialty menu dishes that are curated by local restaurants and insights to each partnered restaurant's unique story. Tuango is an intimate way to connect to the restaurants you love - we literally bring local restaurants to your neighborhood.

Connecting local restaurants to customers beyond the city limit

For our restaurant partners - with the help of Tuango - they’re able to reach a wider customer-base outside of their usual service area. Instantly gain access to thousands of Tuango members, who are hungry and passionate about supporting local restaurants. Partner with Tuango and see how we can help increase your true supplemental sales potential.