What is Tuango?
Tuango is an online food ordering platform. We feature dishes that are curated by local restaurants for our Tuango members to purchase weekly. Tuango connects food lovers with their favorite local restaurants, with the primary goal to support local restaurants while help food lover save on food delivery cost.
Tuango = Meal plan curated by local restaurants X Group Buy X Neighborhood Delivery
How does Tuango work?
  1. Plan and order special curated menu dishes prepared by local restaurants on Tuangoeats.com
  2. There is no delivery fee and Tuango delivers food your local neighborhood meetup point. Just select the neighbor pickup location closest to their home.
  3. Enjoy hot prepared food while help support local restaurants and the environment.
What is the Tuango order calendar?
Tuango releases menu, accept orders, and delivers completed orders every week. We use a calendar to drive the process and here are some key days to remember:
  1. Tuesday - release curated menu on tuangoeats.com 
  2. Tuesday through Saturday - Preorder  window opens on Tuesday morning and closes Saturday at 9 PM.
  3. Saturday night - Tuango confirms all preorders if the group total preorders exceed the restaurant order minimum order value for a neighborhood location.
  4. Sunday - Confirm orders get sent to restaurant to prepare for the upcoming week.
  5. Monday through Sunday - Depending on the restaurant you order from, the neighborhood pickup day and time can vary. Be sure to check your order details.
How is Tuango different from other food order delivery companies?
Tuango was started with the goal to bring a variety of ready to serve food and the food products from other city or country into your neighborhood. It helps support local restaurants,  saves time for the customer, and offers much more options for the customer to choose. Here is how we are different:
  1. Tuango has is no delivery fee
  2. Tuango works with restaurant to curate specialty dishes 
  3. Tuango is food group buy community
  4. Tuango put more money into Restaurant hands
  5. Tuango feature restaurants that may be too far or too expensive for other food delivery app to offer.
Why do you take pre-orders and when do I get charge?
Preorders are taken to ensure Tuango members places enough order for restaurants to be profitable to make and delivery to a neighborhood meetup location. The minimum is typically around $300 for the entire group order before the restaurant can accepts Tuango group orders.  Historically, 98% of the preorders meet the restaurant minimum order requirement.
Preorders will be charged when the total group orders meet or exceed the restaurant minimum order for a neighborhood meetup location. You will be notified via email about the status of your order.
What if I am not satisfy with my order?
Tuango member's satisfaction is our utmost concern. We will refund your order for any reason. 
Is the food safely prepared?
Tuango works with only licensed restaurants who meets the health department safety guidelines, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
What is the cost to use Tuango?
Tuango membership is required to place orders and it is FREE to join. 
Although there is a $1.50 handling free per order to help us cover the cost of operation, the delivery fee to a neighborhood pickup location is always FREE. 
Can I suggest a restaurant for Tuango to partner with?
Yes, we’re always looking for new restaurant partner. Please contact us.
It’s my first time ordering. Is there a minimum order? 
No, there is no minimum per order. 
When is the deadline to inform Tuango if I need to cancel my order?
Before every Saturday. After sending out the pre-orders to restaurants, they will need to order inventory to prepare for your order. Thus, once the restaurant received your order and start preparing for your coming meal, we cannot cancel your order. 
Will I be charged if I cancel the order last minute but the order is not yet made? 
No charge if cancel order before order window closes on Saturday. After order window closes, there is no cancellation nor refund.
Can the driver wait for me if I could not make to the pick up location on time? 
No, the driver cannot wait for any customer who are late to the pick up once the pick up window is close. The driver have to deliver to the next pick up location. 
What can I do if I am late to the pick up and the vendors has already been gone? Can Tuango delivery to me if my house is near the pick up location? 
Tuango will not delivery to any of the household if the person is late for pick up even if the house is near by our pick up location. If any customer is late to the pick up and finds out that the vendors are gone, we suggest you give the vendors a call and let them know that you will be picking up from the second 
Does Tuango offer contactless pick up or do I have to park and go to the vendor?
For certain locations such as Mountain View, West San Jose, South San Jose, Fremont, we offer contactless pick up. (Drive-through) However, due to the limited space and traffic of the pick up location, some still needs to be picked up in person.  Contact us if you have any questions.
What do I need to provide at the pick up location? 
Please prepare your name, order number, and the restaurant’s name that you are picking up from when our Tuango Team members approaches you. 
Will I receive any reminder on the day of Tuango's pick up? 
We will send out confirmation after your order, and reminders on the day of the pick up. (Nick’s note - Email standard. Will need to research for plug-in if want to use text)
Can I eat the food right away or do I have to cook it after I get home? 
Most of our food are made right before the delivery for Tuango members, so it will be ready to eat once you get home! There are also some frozen products that requires cooking before eating it. 
What if I forgot to pick up my order? Will I get a refund? 
No refund will be issued because it is not our responsibility that a customer forget to pick up the order. 
What are the payment methods?
We only accept Credit Card payments. (Visa and MasterCard)
What if I received an incorrect or missing item on my order?
Contact us right away.
What is the handling fee for?
Tuango charges a small handling fee of $1.50 per order to cover operation costs.
What if I need to make changes to my order after placing in online?
Contact us immediately.
What if I select the wrong pickup locations or wrong time?
Contact us immediately.